Welcome to the FINITY blog.  We have named it in perspective because of the relevance of perspective to everything we do.  First, perspective deals with how three dimensional objects are depicted on a flat surface, relevant because we stand for the power of visualization - for product knowledge and design - and how this can be achieved using digital 3D technology.

Secondly, perspective implies a mental viewpoint based on ordering and understanding relevant data.  We hope to bring some fresh perspective and sometimes a bit of order on areas that relate to our business. 

Finally, we often must remind ourselves to keep things in perspective - to remain calm, to see the tree and the forest and to focus on the important. Sometimes that means being serious and sometimes having fun. We aim for both in these pages.

We are a technology company, one that enables design creativity for the individual customer.  As a startup, we aim to get that often complicated mix of technology and creativity right - not an always an easy task. Here we want to explore the intersection of the strategic, the creative and the technical, sometimes diving into detail and sometimes taking a much higher point of view.

As a design-focused, collaborative platform, we love looking at new, technology-enabled business models, as well as the tradition of artisanal craft.  We will look at how platform and community can work best together and look at the impacts on products, companies and the customer.  Other topics will range from new manufacturing methods to fashion technology and artificial intelligence.

Feel free to write to suggest anything, to comment or to say hi. We will be publishing on the site as www.finity.technology/perspecitve and on tumblr at http://finitycreate.tumblr.com; you can reach us directly at perspective@finity.technology.

We look forward to it.